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Are you looking for a government report, briefing note or dataset? We’ve pre-written letters for some of the most commonly-requested records. Once you’ve filled out a template, copy the text and paste it into an online request form or mail it to the public body of your choice. For questions about the FOI process, consult our guides. You can also browse examples of FOIs filed by Globe journalists.

If you interacted with the police – as a complainant, an accused person or a witness – you may wish to access records connected to the case. It will not be possible to obtain any information until the investigation is closed. If you have the incident file number, the FOI can be brief. If not, you will need to provide enough information to help the FOI unit find the records. When it comes to police files connected to a specific case, you will only be able to access records about yourself. You will also need to provide a copy of government-issued photo identification along with the request.

To whom it may concern,

This is a request under this jurisdiction’s freedom of information legislation for records held by .

I am seeking records related to an incident that was investigated by your police service on or about .

I am seeking copies of all available records related to the incident, including (but not limited to): Videotaped statements, interview transcripts, police reports, officer notes, case synopses, photographs, medical files, surveillance or body camera footage, e-mail correspondence, and other police documents relating to the investigation.

I am not seeking access to the personal information of private citizens. A copy of my government-issued ID is enclosed.

I would like this information sent electronically.

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